Meet Gini

Hi!  My name is Gini Bellawala, and in December of 2014, I, just like everyone does from time to time, was contemplating what was next for me and why.  The answer turned out to be my own micro-business venture with Rodan + Fields® and subsequently, the creation of Team Serendipity.  But before I get into that, let me tell you a bit about myself.


I grew up in a small town in Northern California… I mean “Don’t blink or you will miss it” small!  This gave me the serendipitous opportunity to feel the support of community and connection at a grass roots level.  I was also lucky enough to belong to a family that loved to travel.  Every 7 years or so we would venture to another place to live for a year – Libya, Arkansas, Indonesia – plus the annual summer family road trip to various parts of the USA.

This grew into a love of travel and of International Relations, which I majored in at UC Davis, combining it with a double major in Spanish.  I LOVE to meet people and hear what they love and hope and dream.  I believe that all of us are better when we share our “humanness” - the good, the bad and the ugly – and help each other remember who we really are.


My second love, besides travel, is health and wellness.  After college, I got certified to teach group exercise.  I have taught aerobics, step, body sculpting, dance and more for over 25 years.  In 2016, after a 20 year love affair with yoga, I also became a certified yoga instructor.


But my biggest love affair was with my husband of 20 years! We met during our time together at Oracle Corporation in the 90’s. We both knew we wanted to have three kids (well, he actually wanted four but he was willing to compromise ...  A good sign in a mate, kids!) and for the next 18 years we made that dream a reality, creating and enjoying our own little family.

I always knew when I had kids that I wanted to stay home and raise them.  We were fortunate enough to be able to do that on my husband’s income, so I quit my job after having our first son and launched into family time.  Two more children followed, a girl and a boy, and voila! - love number three was in full swing - a family of my own. I loved that the connection it brought naturally was with the community: volunteering at school, playdates with other moms, and day trips to local parks or farmers markets... It was pretty idyllic for a few years. Until I hit my upper 40’s.

Which brings me to my latest journey – joining Rodan + Fields® as an independent consultant.  Turning 50 was around the corner, the kids were turning into teens, friends were moving schools or towns, my parents had passed away suddenly, my husband’s back injuries were getting chronic and scary,… The reality of “change is inevitable” hit my bubbled world.  Ok, I freaked out.  I was stuck.  In a world of advantages and possibilities, I was stuck.  My old world was changing.  My new world was unknown. My body was changing too. Was that really me in the mirror? What happened to my serendipity? What happened to being 40 something!? I knew one thing:  connection and belonging were key. But where was my next source for that?


It was at that time, that a dear friend of over 20 years started telling me about this premium skin care business she had started with Rodan + Fields®, the makers of ProActiv®. She had found her “almost age 50” new adventure and was excited to share it with me. But as much as I agreed it was a “great opportunity for her”, I just didn’t think it was for me. So, she gave me REDEFINE, the skin care regimen for wrinkles, firmness and fine lines for my 50th birthday and I continued to accompany her to events just because it was fun and a good chance for us to hang out together.


Well, as I like to say in my exercise classes and in my RF business, “change begins from the inside out”.  As I went through the actions of washing my face with REDEFINE (It was the first face care routine I had ever consistently followed), I started feeling the results of this self-care routine.  And then I started seeing the results of it. I thought about all the other men and women who could use this as a path back to their best selves.  As a wellness professional, I know that exercise and healthy eating are key. But they require more time than a 5 minute, twice-a-day face washing program to effect a change.  I knew I needed to share this with others.


So, I continued to accompany my friend to events, host events for her and watch as her team grew… and grew… and grew!  But not only that, she was having fun at the same time.  She was meeting other positive-minded people, sharing dreams, learning new things, AND making an income – all while still staying home in her community and keeping those connections. I realized I had found my next “life after 50” endeavor – being part of the Rodan + Fields® “Changing Skin, Changing Lives” organization.


So, I signed up to start sharing the business and products directly.  I haven’t looked back.  After all, there is so much to look forward to: my adult customers enjoying their best skin ever, helping teens with their acne, the annual Rodan + Fields® convention (a blast!), using my international relations and language skills as we launch around the world (We have launched in Canada, and Australia is next in 2017) and being able to support charitable organizations and our public schools with in-kind and monetary donations from my micro-business.


And this is what I want to share with you.  Team Serendipity is your opportunity to find and live your best self.  To share your dreams in a supportive, collaborative team, all while making an income to fund those dreams.  What a fortunate coincidence – serendipitous, you might say.  I hope you will join me on this journey.